I'd like to help with X Product! How do I do so?

As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, I'm afraid that I prefer to do my product development on my own. This helps me avoid any copyright issues, and it allows me to keep all of my code/builds/textures proprietary, and it also helps me keep track of what exactly my code is doing, instead of having to go through and find out what is in someone else's program they may want to offer. face-smile.png


If you'd like to see a feature in one of the products, please feel free to create an "Issue" for it in the Flyspray page (via the "Report Issue" link on the menu). However, try to keep feature requests simple to basic ideas, instead of writing code, since the code may or may not work with what I already have in there. More likely than not I would end up needing to rewrite the code to fit the current operation of whatever product it was for, and it's easier for me to do code from scratch rather than trying to adapt someone else's code. Please have a little faith in my scripting ability face-smile.png


That said, I do welcome feature requests. If I can do them, and they are within the bounds of what the product was intended for (and if I have the time) I will most likely try to put them in. If I can't, I'll try to reply with a reasonable and clear answer as to why. Again, I appreciate your enthusiasm, and thank you very much for supporting Q&CC!