Frequently Asked Questions - General 

Here you can find answers to questions about QCC in general. If you have questions about specific products, check the side-menu for the name of the item you have a question about under the FAQ section. If the question you have isn't there, please feel free to contact me! As I get new questions from customers, I update the list so you have a quick and easily accessed repository of information to get solutions from. Be sure to check these FAQs first to see if your answer is here, even if it wasn't here previously.

  1. How do I contact you?

    Well, there are a few different ways! The first, and probably most convenient for you, is the "Contact" button on the menu. Alternatively, you can contact me via email at, or in-world via a notecard. However you contact me, I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.


    If you have a bug that you'd like to report, or a feature request for one of the products, please submit a ticket using the "Report Bug" link on the menu; that will make it far easier for both of us to keep track of your concern.


    To see how to file a bug or submit a feature request, see the "How do I File a Bug" FAQ.

  2. How do I get updates for your products?

    In Second Life I have a group called "Quaint & Curious Contraptions" where I announce updates, product testing, upcoming projects, and other news relating to my work and creations. You can visit my in-world store in Wetheral and check the update and recovery kiosk located near the vendors. You can use the kiosk to recover a deleted purchase and make sure you have the latest version. You can also find sign there to click and join my group, or search "Quaint & Curious Contraptions" in the groups search tab.

  3. Where can I find your shop?

    My workshop is in Wetheral, which you can access by clicking here if you have SL installed.

  4. Do you do commission work?

    Due to the time it takes to run the shop and keep things updated, I no longer do scripting or building commissions. However, if you have a request for a current product, or even an idea for a new product that you would be interested in seeing, feel free to file a feature request on my FlySpray by clicking the "Report Issue" link on the navigation bar. If you need more information on how to submit a feature request, you'll find an explanation here in the FAQ list.

  5. Do you provide refunds?

    As most of my products are no-transfer, I cannot provide refunds for items that you bought by mistake. However, I will gladly refund you for accidental duplicate purchases. In fact, if you've previously bought a product, my vendors will automatically refund your purchase and send you the item you requested. No need to go spending money twice on something you already have, but if you want to shower me with free lindens, my tip jar will happily accept them!

  6. How can I meet you in-world?

    My time tends to be sparce, but if you have an interest in meeting with me in-world, please contact me beforehand using one of the other communication methods ("Contact Us" form or email to is preferred) and I'll try to arrange a time to meet with you. You can also sometimes catch me at my workshop in Wetheral.

  7. Do you have a group I can join?

    I do in fact! Search under the groups tab for "Quaint & Curious Contraptions", or visit my land in Wetheral and click the group-sign for an invite!

  8. Do you sell products on XStreetSL?

    Yes! I now sell some of my products on XStreet SL! You can access my online "store" there using This Link. I may not have all of my products available on XStreet for the moment, but as I get more time, I will be adding more to them, till hopefully all I have available in-world is also available there.

  9. How do I file a bug or feature request?

    First, click this link to open FlySpray, or click the "Report Issue" button on the navigation bar. Once there, on the upper left corner of the window just under the login fields, you'll see a dropdown list which says "All Projects". Select the product you would like to file a bug or feature request for from the dropdown, and then click the "Open a new Task anonymously" button. Or, if you'd like, you can set up an account on my FlySpray and then open a new task. Creating an account allows me to keep track of who is requesting what, so I can contact you for further information if I need it, but it isn't required.


    Make sure that you include all of the necessary information from the dropdowns, such as what version of the SL client you're using (under "Operating Systems"), whether it's a scripting issue or a graphics issue.


    Please understand that I cannot always reply to tickets that are submitted, but I will most certainly read them, and if I can I'll reply to them as time and necessity dictate.

  10. I'd like to help with X Product! How do I do so?

    As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, I'm afraid that I prefer to do my product development on my own. This helps me avoid any copyright issues, and it allows me to keep all of my code/builds/textures proprietary, and it also helps me keep track of what exactly my code is doing, instead of having to go through and find out what is in someone else's program they may want to offer. face-smile.png


    If you'd like to see a feature in one of the products, please feel free to create an "Issue" for it in the Flyspray page (via the "Report Issue" link on the menu). However, try to keep feature requests simple to basic ideas, instead of writing code, since the code may or may not work with what I already have in there. More likely than not I would end up needing to rewrite the code to fit the current operation of whatever product it was for, and it's easier for me to do code from scratch rather than trying to adapt someone else's code. Please have a little faith in my scripting ability face-smile.png


    That said, I do welcome feature requests. If I can do them, and they are within the bounds of what the product was intended for (and if I have the time) I will most likely try to put them in. If I can't, I'll try to reply with a reasonable and clear answer as to why. Again, I appreciate your enthusiasm, and thank you very much for supporting Q&CC!