The LightWheel

Ever since I started playing games like Myst, its sequels, and Metriod, I have loved puzzles. Puzzles intrigue me, entertain me, and (I hope) keep my mind sharp. Part of what I hope to do with QCC is produce a line of puzzles that are both mind-sharpening and entertaining. This first puzzle I made is a terrible example. In fact, it's maddening. But don't worry! It's supposed to be, and if you put enough effort into it, you'll find it's fun too! It plays with your mind, and exercises it at the same time. And, it’s fun to reward those who succeed. Be warned, only the truly determined and observant can beat it. If you’re determined but not observant, you won’t make it. If you’re observant but not determined, it will win. Play this game to hone your mind ~ if you dare. I make no joke, this puzzle is EXTREMELY difficult.

The Instructions that Never Were

Usually for puzzles, you look for instructions. But one of the things I enjoyed about games like Myst was that you often had to find the instructions, or figure out the process for yourself. It was hard, but engaging. As I produce more puzzles, they won't all be as difficult as this one, but if there is one thing that the LightWheel achieves, it's getting you to think. If you don't like hard games, feel free to try the example I have in my shop. It's there for that very purpose. If you like it, you can buy it, and you can walk away if you don't. I fully expect a lot of people will walk away from it, but it will always be fun watching and rewarding the people who stick to it and figure it out. That's right! I randomly give out rewards to top-ranking players, and their names are automatically displayed up on a scoreboard in the shop.


The main version of the LightWheel is 38 prims. That's a bit heavy for some of you, so I also made a stripped-down version that's only 12. It doesn't look quite as nice, but hey, the point is fun, not fashion, right? By the way, there is actually a clue for the LightWheel hidden in my shop. Once more, lest you say you haven't been warned, this puzzle is EXTREMELY difficult, even should you discover the clue hidden in my shop! Don't purchase this thinking you'll solve it in a few minutes! Every purchase includes a Sanity Insurance Card, courtesy of QCC.