The NexGate

I'm a skyboxer. I love skyboxes. I love floating high over the land, and I love flying. You know the person who always tries for the window seat in planes and spends the entire takeoff and landing period just staring out outside at the ground? Yep, that's me. Why do I have this urge? I don't know, maybe Snoopy snuck into my bloodline somewhere. No matter how much I love being up high in the sky, though, getting around can be a pain. When I started scripting, one of the first things I put myself to was developring a transportation device to reach the then 768m build limit. The other thing I really enjoy, though, is privacy, and control over who can access my things. I have nothing against noobs, but a brave explorer dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans named "5893lol Hax" doesn't belong uninvited in my living room. Finally, I hated repetitive manual setup. I didn't want a system where I'd have to set every single option myself for desire of control, but I didn't want to give up so much control that I had no choice in the matter and the script did everything. I'm happy to say that I believe the NexGate achieves a good blend of speed, security, control, and automation.


The NexGate has a simple three-step setup for the teleporter. You place it, name it, and choose your security setting. It automatically networks itself with the other NexGates in the sim. You can limit use of and access to other NexGates based on public, group, and owner settings. You can even set up sub-networks using NexGates on the group security level, assigned to different groups. Travel to anywhere in the sim is instantaneous, and as fast as a sit-and-click; you don't have to wait for menus, you don't have to wait for destination lists. And of course, being the lover of special effects that I am, I've dressed it up with several custom features and sounds. There are two versions, the NexGate Basic, and the NexGate Anachronism (pictured on this page -- the Anachronism is the gold version). In addition to all this, it's menu-smart. By that I mean, if you only have two of them in a sim, it won't bother you with a menu, you'll be immediately transported to the other destination. It only brings up a menu if you actually need the choice. Even taking them down again is easy! Need to move and change sims or parcels? Deleting your entire network without the hassle of removing each one is as simple as pressing a button on the admin menu.


The NexGate basic is 22 prims (21 for the object, and 1 additional prim for the teleport pad it rezes). The Anachronism NexGate is 11 primitive, 10 for the object itself. Either of those too many? Not to worry! Both versions are modifiable (and of course copy), so you can strip them down to fewer prims if you need to, or if you simply want to fit it into a different theme to match your home, or wherever you decide to use it. The NexGate is also very low-lag. The teleport objects idle at ~0.002ms which is very low for those of you who don't have access to sim admin debugging reports, making them ideal for even heavy load areas such as mainlane or homesteads, where the processing power isn't equal to that of normal sims (I myself use it on a homestead sim).

Fun Stuff

Whether you're looking for a teleporter to just take you to your skybox, or you need to route people through a network of teleporters around your sim, the NexGate is a handy solution. It can be suited to almost any situation you have to offer it, while at the same time not bogging you down with so many options that you have to spend hours setting them up. With the modability, flexibility, and useability of the NexGate, I hope that it answers your needs as well as it has my own.