The Globe Galaxies

One of the first things I made in SL was by accident. It was at three A.M. and I was having a bout of insomnia. I had always enjoyed messing with particles, and so I started playing around with mixing them together. After a while, I had something interesting looking, and thought, "Hey! That looks kinda like a galaxy!" I kept working on it till well past morning, and at the end of it all, I started taking snapshots and sending them to my friends, as I've been known to do at times. Soon after that, it became one of the most popular things I had ever made, and for some time after I had planned to sell them, but never quite got around to it.

At Last

Well, that's changed now. I've been able to fine-tune them and they've come a long way since the first prototypes I made at the beginning. As an added bonus, I've been able to replace the ugly white torus that was once the base with a new sculpted base. Right now there are three versions -- each pictured here on the page -- Aurora, Elder, and Newborn. Newborn was actually the first of the second generation of galaxies I made, and it's likely my personal favorite. I modeled the first starscape for the Skyroom after the Newborn, and though they aren't identical, you can see the relation. Overall, it took me about two weeks to get the galaxies fine-tuned and finalized. I pulled almost every particle trick I know out of my sleeve to develop them, and I hope that it shows.


The galaxies range from 9-12 prims each; you can find the amounts listed on the vendors at my store in Wetheral. It's important to note that these globes do use quite a few particles, so if you have other items which generate particle effects, it's best to turn them off, remove them, or increase your max particle count in preferences while viewing a galaxy, as the two will compete for the number of particles that can be rendered on your client. For those who aren't so tech-savvy, your client can only render a certain amount of particle effects at once, and if you have more than one thing making particles, it'll reduce the quality of both. Also due to this, zooming in too close can cause your framerate to drop somewhat; it will drop more or less depending on the power of your machine. The galaxies will cause no lag on your sim, as they contain no scripts, so they will perform just as well on OpenSpace/Homestead sims as they will on a normal sim, and they won't cause you any script lag in heavy-load areas.

From My Heart to Yours

Whether you want to just want to meditate, relax, have a conversation piece for visitors at your home, or a decoration in your business-area, I hope that you find these galaxies as enjoyable as I have. I'll be making more now that I have the time, even if for no other reason than I simply enjoy making them. My admiration and love of what we see in the sky at night has been poured into these globes, and the cosmos has a grand store of inspiration. It's true that SL particles have their obvious limits, but if you're willing to work with them, I think they can produce wonderful things. As always, it just takes a little elbow grease. In the future, I not only plan on releasing more of them of my own design, I'm working on a system that will allow users an easy interface to create their own variations, so keep your eyes peeled!