The Skyroom

For as long as I can remember, I've been an avid star-watcher, from the time I was little, even to present day when my schedule can spare the night-time glance at the black velvet sky. I remember not too many years ago, when visiting my grandparents in winter, I would go out in the middle of the night huddled in my thickest hooded coat to find a flat place on the ground to lie on in the frost. And laying there on my back, I would gaze up at the stars for hours on end, watching as the translucent gray stratus clouds floated over them like a giant sea. I'm not one to enjoy cold, but it was the one place and time where cold did not bother me, I was so engrossed in just watching the stars and letting my mind wander among them, pretending that I could stretch out my hand and stroke one if I wanted to.

A while back, I created a small series of particle-generated galaxies, and one of the most constant comments made by those I showed was, "I want to walk in it!" This request was so often repeated, that I developed a larger model, one that the person viewing it literally could walk around in. My work gave birth to what I fondly call the Skyroom, a star-simulation skybox.


The Skyroom is roughly 27m x 27m in land area, and is 28m high, making it ideal for parcels 1024sqm and above (or a little bit smaller if you want to squeeze it in). The main version, the Anachronism (pictured here) is 68 prims, though the user should allow at least 30 extra prims for the particle generators which it rezes when used. I understand that this is a lot for some, so I also made a stripped down "Basic" version for those who are more limited on prims, which totals 7 on its own, though users should still allow headroom of about 30 prims. Both versions are both copy and modifyable, though in inventory they will appear no-mod due to the scripts inside them.


Please be aware that the Skyroom is very graphics intensive, and it is not recommended for use on slower, older systems. In order for you to get the most out of your Skyroom, your system should be capable of running a "Max Particle Count" setting of 3000+ particles in your graphics preferences. The higher you can set your max particle count, the more you will get out of your Skyroom. Windlight is also a major part of the Skyroom's operation as it uses glow. If you do not have glow enabled, you will be missing out on a large part of the simulator's effects.

Fun Stuff

I myself enjoy modding things and personalizing them, and I like working with those who do the same. For scripters, I've included an API of all applicable link messages that my own scripts use for integration with the system. For builders and texturers, I've provided easy instructions on how to make their personal modifications work with the scripting. The Skyroom comes built in with the capacity to install new star simulations, as I'll be making more when time allows, and the Anachronism comes bundled with a specially-themed version of the NexGate teleporter system. As with all of my products, version updates are free, and installation is both entirely automated and dynamic so that you don't have to change skyboxes or redo any personal modifications you may have made.


Of all the things I love, the treasure we have in the sky is one of those I enjoy most. When Hubble was launched, we were given a crisp new look into the depths and beauty of outer space. I could never hope to capture the same beauty as Hubble, or fully replicate creation in all of its splendor in our large, wide universe. That doesn't mean I can't do my best, however, and that effort is what I present to you for your enjoyment, meditation, and I sincerely hope, your satisfaction.