The ModiVatar Editing System

The Drama

Let me tell you why I created the ModiVatar Editing System. Most residents at one point or another come to instances where they help out other users who aren't necessarily as adept at SL. You know the story - a friend is interested in SL, you get him to create an avatar, and after speeding him through the Welcome Area, you go shopping! But then you run into a problem. The hair your friend bought is sitting in the middle of his head, making it look like he's grown a beard which has somehow combined with over-productive nose hair. You, meanwhile, are trying to coach him into positioning it just right. "Move it to the left a little. My left. That's too far, move it back some. No, no, I mean move it right - undo that change. Hit Ctrl-Z, yes yes. Now move it right some, it's still clipping into your head. Ok, that was too far again." Long story short, you start to contemplate ripping out your friend's nosehair and tromping on it (if you were able to, anyway) and your friend is probably enjoying it about as much as you are.

The Solution

I realized that this didn't have to be the case. After a few months and a few drums of elbow grease, I forged a tool that would allow me to modify my friend's attachments, that was easy to set up for both myself and my friend, while letting my friend do as little work as possible. As long as his attachments are moddable, I can help him out. I also did my best to keep the editing side hassle free. The last thing one needs in an editing system is something which gets frustrating on its own in either use or preparation. I wanted an interface, on both sides, that was intuitive and fast to use, and just as fast to clean up when I was finished. And to sweeten the deal, I decided to integrate a context-sensitive help system, so that what you need to know is only a click away, and you don't even have to tab out of SL!

The Technics

The ModiVatar Editing System features the context-sensitive help system, it's own permissions system so that only those you allow can edit your attachments, an easy-to-follow tutorial for the Model User (the person who will have their attachments edited), a full interactive map of the avatar's attachments, a mirroring tool for reflecting edits to opposing attachments on the avatar, a multi-selection tool to move several attachments at once (which can also use mirroring), the option to edit the rotation and position on dual axes (not just one at a time!), built-in adjustable unit snapping, easy to use sliders with +/- buttons for more detailed adjustments, a 100 step history system so you can undo/redo changes, a revert command for those "Oops!" moments when you need to start over, and automatic, free updates whenever a new version comes out.

The Benefits

I hope that the ModiVatar HUDs will benefit you greatly in your Second Life, both in helping others, and in getting yourself help when you need it. Hopefully it will cut the "dev time" in helping newbies and vets alike and save some "torn hair" over what could otherwise be a long and painful proceedure. You might even find you want to use some of its features on yourself! If you'd like more information about the ModiVatar Editing System, you can check out its FAQ using the FAQ menu option on the right. The Model HUDs of the editing system can be obtained free from anyone who owns an Editor HUD, or you can purchase one for L$1 at my shop in Wetheral. PLEASE NOTE: Do not accept ANYTHING claiming to be the ModiVatar Model HUD which is not being delivered by an object owned by "Sebastean Steamweaver!" The Model HUD will NEVER ask you for SL Debit Permissions. Keep yourself safe and double-check the source!


If you enjoy this product and would like to help it, and a wide variety of content which other people create in SL, Please Vote for The SL JIRA SVC-2885 (llGet/llSetObjectScale)! llSetObjectScale would allow scripters to resize entire linksets, without having to put a script in every prim, using a fraction of the time, and causing far less lag! Please vote for these functions which will make both content creators' and end users' lives much easier, and more lag-free!