The Snowglobe Galaxies

Due to popular demand and frequent request, I have started a series of miniaturized starscapes, which I call the snowglobe galaxies. Not everyone had the space to set up the larger globe galaxies, or the (much) larger Skyroom. The snowglobes, however, aren't even a meter tall. Instead, they're specially crafted to fit snugly on a desk or coffee table. Even though they are far smaller than their 3 meter relatives, I've worked hard to try and preserve the detail and finish of the larger versions.

Bite Size

Like their larger counterparts, most of the snowglobe galaxies are unscripted, meaning you can rez and enjoy them without any concern of them taking up script time in your sim. For the Ghost galaxy, however, I took special care in programming a few of the particle systems to try and exercise what could be done with the miniature galaxies. I even managed to miniaturize the shooting star system found in the skyroom version of the Ghost Galaxy! However, also like the globe and skyroom starscapes, the snowglobes require windlight shaders to truly be appreciated. If you don't have windlight in your client, you'll be missing out on half of the show.


The snowglobes range from 14-30 prims each; you can find the amounts listed on the vendors at my store in Wetheral. It's important to note that the snowglobes do use quite a few particles, so if you have other items which generate particle effects, it's best to turn them off, remove them, or increase your max particle count in preferences while viewing a galaxy, as the two will compete for the number of particles that can be rendered on your client. For those who aren't so tech-savvy, your client can only render a certain amount of particle effects at once, and if you have more than one thing making particles, it'll reduce the quality of both. Also due to this, zooming in too close can cause your framerate to drop somewhat unless you're on a fairly new computer; and while I've done my best to carefully measure them, it will still be affected by the power of your machine. If you're on a fairly new machine with a dedicated graphics card (within a year or so) you shouldn't have much trouble at all. Older, less powerful systems however, may experience a more dramatic drop.


Whether they end up on your desks, poolsides, coffee tables, skyboxes, or just lying around on the floor somewhere in a workshop (like they've been sitting around in mine for ages now), I hope that the snowglobes bring you a lot of pleasure and enjoyment. From the plethora creative people I've met since I started Q&CC, I know that many of you will find entertaining and meaningful things to do with them, be they presented as gifts, or just kept around for conversation pieces. To me, the galaxies and starscapes I create are like paintings, and like any artist, it brings me pleasure to see them enjoyed.