How do I file a bug or feature request?

First, click this link to open FlySpray, or click the "Report Issue" button on the navigation bar. Once there, on the upper left corner of the window just under the login fields, you'll see a dropdown list which says "All Projects". Select the product you would like to file a bug or feature request for from the dropdown, and then click the "Open a new Task anonymously" button. Or, if you'd like, you can set up an account on my FlySpray and then open a new task. Creating an account allows me to keep track of who is requesting what, so I can contact you for further information if I need it, but it isn't required.


Make sure that you include all of the necessary information from the dropdowns, such as what version of the SL client you're using (under "Operating Systems"), whether it's a scripting issue or a graphics issue.


Please understand that I cannot always reply to tickets that are submitted, but I will most certainly read them, and if I can I'll reply to them as time and necessity dictate.