Frequently Asked Questions - ModiVatar General FAQ 

Here you can find some general and helpful tips on how the ModiVatar Editing System operates.


For FAQs specific to the type of HUD you have, you can check the Editor FAQ and the Model FAQ.

  1. How far away can the person I'm editing be?

    The ModiVatar system has a max range of 20 meters. Also, the two people who wish to connect with each other need to be in the same region as one another, otherwise editing attempts will fail and other problems may arise.

  2. The attachments don't move quickly while I edit. Why is this?

    Due to limitations to SL's scripting system, the ModiVatar HUDs require the use of "rotating scripts;" that means, having several scripts which trade off work. Unfortunately, this process is the only viable method, and also will not respond quite as quickly as you may be able to drag your mouse cursor along the slider bar. For this reason, it's generally good to find a relatively "lag-free" sim to work in.  However, the positions will always be accurate, even if it takes a second or two to "stop moving."

  3. The ModiVatar system uses a lot of scripts. Doesn't this cause lag?

    You're right! The ModiVatar system does use quite a few scripts. This is an unfortunate necessity due to limitations in the SL scripting system. However, 90% of the scripts involved are extremely "lightweight" so that their existence and performance cause as little load to the simulator as possible. In addition, any scripts which are not being used, are turned off until they are needed again, further saving on sim resources, and allowing the simulator to only focus on the scripts which are needed at the time.

  4. I noticed that the ModiVatar system can't scale attachments. Why don't you add this feature?

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much I would LOVE to add in the ability to scale attachments. However, due to the number of scripts and resources it would take to do so, it simply is not possible at this time. However! There is in JIRA a proposal for a function which would allow me to add in this functionality very easily! If you have the time, and the desire to see this feature in the ModiVatar system, and other areas of SL which would benefit from it, please sign into JIRA (using your normal SL login) and vote for SVC-2885 llGet/SetObjectScale. There are many, many things in SL which would benefit from having those functions, even aside from this editor, and I strongly encourage you to show your support for it. You would have my personal gratitude for doing so.


    You can find out how to use the JIRA by viewing Torley Linden's JIRA tutorial here:

  5. Do you plan on adding more features?

    I definitely plan on adding new features, and I already have a few in mind which I will be working on in the upcoming versions. However, for the time being, script memory is a very real limitation. I'm hoping that once the lindens introduce memory management, that this limitation will be alleviated and I'll be able to expand even more on the features I currently have.

  6. Why can't I put your ModiVatar editing script into my full-perm attachments?

    Unfortunately, SL's permissions system won't allow you to put transferable scripts into worn attachments which are no-trans. This is an inconvenience, but it can be easily worked around by rezzing the attachment on the ground, putting the script in, taking it into inventory, and then wearing it.

  7. The ModiVatar Model HUDs are free/$L1? Is this true?

    Yes! You can obtain a free Model HUD from anyone who owns a ModiVatar Editing HUD. However! Do not accept ANYTHING claiming to be the ModiVatar Model HUD which is not being delivered by an object owned by "Sebastean Steamweaver!" The Model HUD will NEVER ask you for SL Debit Permissions. Keep yourself safe and double-check the source!


    Alternately, you can purchase a Model HUD for L$1 at my shop in Wetheral.