Frequently Asked Questions - ModiVatar Model HUD 

The ModiVatar Model HUD is the HUD which users will use when they want to allow their attachments to be edited. People who are new to SL or are having custom work done on their avatars will find this the most useful, but even advanced users can find it handy for their projects. Here you will find an explanation of the Model HUD features.

  1. Help Me!!!

    "Help Me!!!" gives you access to the built-in help menu. While the help menu is active, simply click the part of the HUD you have a question about.

  2. Disconnect

    "Disconnect" ends the editing session you have with the user you are curently connected to. After you have disconnected, the Editing HUD will not be able to modify the Model HUD’s attachments, unless they are reconnected.

  3. Name Display

    The name of the person who owns the HUD you are connecting/connected to is listed here. Otherwise it will say "No Connection."

  4. Status Icon

    The "Status Icon" displays your current connection status to another HUD. Red with no bar means you are not connected to anyone, and the name section will read \"No Connection.\" Green and red with a yellow bar indicates the connection is pending the approval of the Model HUD user. Green with a bar means the connection is active with the Model HUD, and the Editor HUD has the ability to edit any active attachments.

  5. Attachment Icons

    These icons represent attachment points on your avatar. If an icon is gray, you have not put a ModiVatar editing script in that attachment and it is not active. An Editor HUD connected to your Model HUD will be unable to edit any attachments that are not active. You can view a step-by-step guide on installing the appropriate script using the “Tutorial.” If an icon is blue, however, you have correctly installed the script and the attachment is active. Another user can select it and modify it using the Editor HUD if it is connected to yours. If you click and hold on an icon, you can remove the scripts from that attachment.

  6. Remove Scripts

    “Remove Scripts” allows you to remove all ModiVatar editing scripts from all attachments. This is good for a quick cleanup after a session. If the Model user do not clean out the attachment editing scripts, the scripts will remove themselves when the Model user teleports or changes regions.

  7. Revert Changes

    “Revert Changes” allows you to undo any and all changes that have been made to the attachments, setting them back to the position and rotation they were before any changes were made. However, this option only works so long as the ModiVatar editing scripts are present in the attachments. If you remove the scripts from one or more attachments, you will not be able to revert the changes any more.

  8. Undo/Redo

    The ModiVatar editing system comes equipped with history states. Using the “Undo/Redo” feature allows you to step back and forth through changes that have been made to the Model user’s attachments. The history stores up to a maximum of 100 “frames” after which it removes the oldest changes and adds in the new frames.

  9. Give Script

    "Give Script" gives you the script that you need to put into your attachments in order to activate them so that they can be used by the Editor HUD.This script is called:




    It’s important to note that you can only put this script into worn attachments that are No-Transfer! If you have transfer permissions on an attachment, even if it is full-perm, you will need to rez the object on the ground, and THEN place the script inside of it, take it into inventory, and wear it. SL’s permission system will not allow you to put the script in otherwise. If you do NOT have transfer permissions on the attachment, you can put the script in while wearing it. More details on how to use the script can be found in the "Tutorial."

  10. Tutorial

    The "Tutorial" button initiates a simple 5-step guide in setting up your avatar for editing. It's strongly recommended that you sit on a pose stand for the setup and editing process.