Frequently Asked Questions - Skyroom 

Here you can find some helpful information on the Skyroom and its various characteristics. Be sure to check the included "ReadMe" notecard that came with your Skyroom package. The answer might be in there! If you have a question that isn't listed here, please feel free to contact me using the "Contact" form or email provided.

  1. How many prims is the Skyroom?

    The skyroom has two versions, the first being Anachronism, which is 68 prims, and the second being the Basic, which is 7 prims. But, for a realistic count, you should always add 30 prims to whatever your Skyroom ends up being (if you mod it to include more or less prims) since the star simulations that the Skyroom rezes can be up to 30 prims themselves. Why the major difference?


    The Anachronism is a Skyroom I themed myself, dressing it up for your enjoyment and my own desire to be creative. It has more special effects and "niceties" than the Basic version, and is generally meant for those who have greater leeway in the number of prims they can have on their land.


    The Basic version, on the other hand, is "barebones," meant more for those who need to keep their prim count low, or for those who want to do all the dressing up of the Skyroom themselves and don't want to go through the trouble of stripping down the more elaborate version.

  2. What are the recommended graphics settings for using the Skyroom?

    The main purpose of the Skyroom is to be a star-scape simulation room. Though it can also double as a skybox, being a particle generator is still its main purpose. In general, the Skyroom is best used with as high a "Max Particle Count" setting as your system can easily handle and Windlight glow enabled.


    To check these settings go to Edit > Preferences > Graphics


    If "Custom" is unchecked, go ahead and check it.


    On the left you'll see a series of checkboxes under a "Shaders" category. Make sure that "Basic Shaders" is checked. This enables glow, which is vital to the star simulation special effects.


    On the right, you'll see a slider bar for "Max. Particle Count". You'll want to experiment with that while the Skyroom is running to find where your system is comfortable. Slightly lower framerates are to be expected on not-so-new systems, but if they dip too low, it's probably an indication that your particle count is a bit too hefty for your system.

  3. Can I test to see how my computer handles the Skyroom before buying it?

    Yes! I'm very happy to provide a testing version of the Skyroom at my workshop in Wetheral for your convenience. The model there is the "Basic" version, and you can use it to test how well your system performs during a star-scape simulation.

  4. How much lag does the Skyroom cause?

    I'm happy to report that I've fully tested the skyroom and its simulations on both normal and homestead sims, both by myself and with the help of friends. The Skyroom itself uses less ms than most vendors do, or other props that you find which are scripted, hovering around ~.02ms -- very low lag. The simulations themselves are also light on the sim. When first rezzing due to mono, they tend to have a spike, but after settling a second or two later they remain between .15 and .25ms (rarely spiking slightly above .25 at .28), and that an average across all of the starscapes. For the most part, they remained slightly above or below .15ms. For those of you who aren't familiar with sim script times, all of that is less than 1% of a region's frametime in a single second. In all cases, both in the special tests here, and in the previous tests I ran during development with observers, no one experienced any loss of performance in the sim. It costs about as much work on the server as someone with an average animation override, (and in many instances, less!). Enjoy!

  5. Second Life crashes when I try to view your Skyroom. How do I fix this?

    Your graphics card may need to have its drivers updated! Be sure that your card has the latest drivers available from its manufacturer website. In one known instance, dual Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT/GTO would crash with version 1.69 drivers. After updating to 1.85, the user reported that the skyroom worked without causing any fault to the system.