Frequently Asked Questions - NexGate 

Here you can find the FAQ on the NexGate teleportation system. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please feel free to contact me using the "Contact" form or email provided.

  1. My NexGate is showing a location I've deleted! Why, and how do I fix it?

    Click and hold on the NexGate for about ten seconds and then release, to bring up the admin menu. Select "ResetGates". This will reset the network and once it is finished (it will take several seconds to complete) the non-existant location will be gone.


    When removing a NexGate that's no longer needed, be sure to remove it by accessing the menu as described above and selecting "Remove." If you don't, and you just delete the NexGate object, the network will not be able to tell that the gate you deleted is gone, and so it will still show up on the menus of the other gates. As long as you use the "Remove" option, you shouldn't encounter that problem.

  2. I set the wrong Name/Access Permissions during setup. How do I fix this?

    Don't worry! You don't have to remove your NexGate and recreate it. Access the admin menu by clicking and holding the teleporter for about ten seconds, and then releasing. If you want to change the name, select "Name" and it will prompt you for a name in chat. If you want to change the permissions setting (i.e. "Public," "Group," or "Owner"), select "Security", and it will give you the options to choose from.

  3. No little chair thing or sit symbol appears when I go to click on my NexGate. What do I do?

    If you're having trouble sitting on your NexGate, it may mean that the invisible pads which the teleporter rezes need to be refreshed. Sometimes old ones can be left over from recent moves. To resolve this issue click and hold the NexGate for several seconds to access the admin menu, and select "ResetGates." Your network will reset, and this should solve your issue.