Update on Product Status

20 February 2010 Posted by:

Hello Folks! It's been a while, and I thought I would put in an update as to why things such as the new Skyroom update, and also new starscapes (along with a few other things) haven't been added yet. They are in fact still coming, however, as I am recoding the entire skyroom, there are some updates which are dependent on some new functions which Linden Labs will be releasing in the next server version or two. The last report, was that all new improvements were on schedule for 1.38 (we're currently on 1.36, and 1.37 is the linden's in-development version, so 1.38 is the next one). With these new functions, I will be able to condense many of the scripts currently found in the skyroom down into one, and I will be able to streamline the number of scripts used in the displays themselves.


New Starscapes are also dependent on these upcoming scripting functions, but in a new way, as well. In addition to creating new starscapes for this update, I will be going back and recreating all of the original starscapes to update them not only with the new functions, but also with new effects which should both help their appearance and their performance. I will probably still be making the original starscapes available under a "Classic" option in the new system, for those of you who prefer the originals.


Very soon, I will also be releasing a new puzzle, called the Trinomicon. This puzzle could also benefit (a great deal) from the upcoming functions, so I haven't fully decided if I will release it before, or after those functions become available. The new server version is still several weeks out unfortunately, so I may go ahead and release the puzzle, and then send out an update. The reason I wouldn't do the same for the Skyroom is that, the new functions would affect it fundamentally, and so doing an update from that version instead of releasing it all at once would be much more difficult.


So there you have it! There are good things on the way and in store. In the meantime I will be working on the update to the NexGate system and will probably release that before anything else, aside from the new puzzle should I opt to go ahead with that. I appreciate your patience and patronage face-smile.png






For those who are interested - the new functions I mentioned can be found in the following JIRAs:


(Some of these may not arrive till server 1.40, in which case I'll probably do two updates)






New Year, New Outlook!

12 January 2010 Posted by:

Hello All!

I hope you have all had a very happy new years. I myself have had a fun time, as I have had a dear relative visiting from out of town. I wanted to take some time though to let you all know what I have planned for this upcoming year, and to let you know that the inventing stallion has not fallen off the face of the earth!


First off, many of you have expressed the desire for more starscapes for the Skyroom system. Originally, I was going to dive directly into starscapes after finishing the ModiVatar, but I've decided instead to start out with reprogramming the Skyroom system to clean out some bugs, and to provide several often-requested features. When that new version is released, you can expect at least one (hopefully more) starscapes along with it. And just to reassure you, yes, the update will be free, as always.


Second, the ModiVatar system that I spent so many months on is going to be refashioned - for the better! Linden Labs is coming out with some very vital new fuctions, which will allow me to give the ModiVatar system a great deal more functionality. Some of these features are waiting on the new script memory management that LL has been developing, which would allow me to allot the needed memory to the main scripts in order to manage all of the features properly. However, I expect that the new version isn't too far down the release "roadmap." Among the new features, I'm also considering new designs for the ModiVatar HUD to help it take up less space in the window. I'm still experimenting with this however, so we'll see how that turns out.


Due to the new marketing limitations LL is placing on SLX, the price of the ModiVatar Model HUDs will be going up to 15L$ from the vendor and on SLX - I do this to keep the prices even and not have so much discrepancy between purchases. For those of you who are not aware of the changes, you can read about them in the Blog Post Here. I had originally intended to raise the price on the Model HUD at the same time I ended the introductory price for the editor, but had held off for a while longer on bringing up the price of either. I'm hoping, however, that 15L$ will not break anyone's bank face-wink.png Please Note! The Model HUDs dispensed by the Editor HUD will still be free. Meaning that if you have purchased an Editor HUD, you can still give them away to as many people as you like, and if you have a friend who has one, he or she can give it to you without charge. The only time you would have to pay is if you purchased the Model HUD from a vendor or SLX.


Third, I'm currently working on a brand new puzzle. This puzzle I think will please both those who loved the LightWheel, and those who hated it. I've worked very hard on this puzzle, and some of the effects have been difficult to wrestle into LL's limitations, but I believe it's turned out very well. You can expect that to be released in the very near future.


These things aside, I have one main project currently underway which is taking up a good deal of development time. This is a cooperative project which I am working on with a few other content creators. If things do not come out as quickly as planned, you can blame that project - one which I am sure will please many of you.


I do have plans for more puzzles, and more displays for later in the year. That includes the cherry desk which has apparently fascinated so many. I would also like to thank the many, many people who have IMed me with compliments and submitted surveys to help me improve the things I bring to you, and also the abundance of glowing compliments. Though I cannot thank each person personally, I hope that you will all take it personally enough that I have appreciated each one, and they have given me a lot of encouragement in these difficult economic times. I hope that all of you have a wonderful upcoming year, with all my regards,


Sebastean Steamweaver

News! Finally, an Update!

31 October 2009 Posted by:

Yes, it's true! There is now an update, and I have news to tell! At long last, I have finally released that "secret product!" The ModiVatar Editing System, a unique (and quite possibly the first commercially available) HUD system which allows one person to modify the attachments of another. That's right! You don't have to struggle with coaching your friends or clients through positioning their attachments anymore. You can do it yourself! And for those of you who want to allow others to help you, the "Model HUD" - the part of the system which allows you to let other people modify your attachments - can be obtained free! In my shop, the Model HUD costs 1L, but anyone who owns an Editor HUD can give you a Model HUD for free! I've started the Editor HUD out at a special introductory price of 750. Later I'll be raising it to the normal price, but I figured for something as big as this, celebration was in order! Please! Stop by the shop and check out the info, or look at the product page which I've added to the site!


In other news, that actually isn't the only new addition! I've also added the Rosetta Snowglobe Galaxy, and the SteamClock, both of which are now available for purchase. I would encourage you to drop by and see these for yourself as you have time. I hope that these new products, especially the ModiVatar system, help you a great deal as you develop, play, and work in your Second Lives.

Forgetfulness Abounds!

16 July 2009 Posted by:

Hello all! Unfortunately, when I released the Atlantea Skyroom and the new nexgates, I managed to update ~All~ of my vendors -- except the ones in my shop. I apologize for this inconvenience, and I'd like to let you know that the shop vendors are now all up to date and ready! Please forgive the delay, and have a great evening!

Attention Anachronism Owners!

15 July 2009 Posted by:

In addition to the opening sale price for the Atlantea Skyroom (2500), I am offering an additional discount to Anachronism owners of 1750. While the Atlantea isn't an "upgrade" to the Anachronism, it's been expressed that several would want to switch out the Anachronism for the Atlantea due to preference. This additional discount will last as long as the opening sale (until next Saturday). The vendors are not scripted to do this, so please contact me directly if you are interested.

What happened to the shop!?

14 July 2009 Posted by:

Some have noticed the QCC shop is a bit more...breezy. I haven't been griefed or had a terrible building accident. I stole prims so I could rez my newly released Atlantea Skyroom! From now until Saturday of next week the Atlantea will be a special opening sale price! I've also redesigned the NexGate teleporter system. It now uses sculpts making it low-prim, but with the same effects, and ~more~ functionality. There is now a demo for Atlantea available at Wetheral, along with NexGate demos. Feel free to check them out!

Skyroom Version 2.6 Released!

04 July 2009 Posted by:

Due to a few bugs that were a little harder to root out, this update was delayed a little longer than usual. However, at long last I am very pleased to announce the release of 2.6! Version 2.6 includes a new black hole simulation, an expanded script API for modders, a new "Darkroom" feature in the admin menu, and a customizeable auto-shutdown timer! Please be sure to read the ReadMe for explanations of new features and modding guides, as well as the changelog notes! Visit the update kiosk to obtain it!

Snowglobe Galaxies Released!

03 July 2009 Posted by:

I'm very proud to announce the release of a new product, the Snowglobe Galaxies! Standing at under half a meter tall, I've also got a few of them on display at my shop in Wetheral, so if you'd like to take a look, feel free to drop by!

New Starscapes Available

14 June 2009 Posted by:

That's right! Many of you have been asking when new Starscapes would be available, and I am happy to announce the release of not one, but two new Starscapes for the Skyroom system! Ghost Galaxy, and Equinus Major (Some of you will get that joke). I am also happy to announce that all current starscapes have been improved and upgraded! These updates can be obtained by using the update kiosk in the shop here. All newly sold skyrooms will include the updated and new starscapes!


Please note! Some of the starscapes in modding, have been increased in prims used, and the estimate of needed allowed prims for rezzing the starscapes is at 30. The information for this will be updated in the FAQ and product pages shortly.

There is a new menu item!

12 May 2009 Posted by:

That's right! The "Make SL Better!" link. This new page is a list of JIRAs which I've compiled together, which I believe would go a long, long way to improving SL performance, and making all of our SL lives easier and more enjoyable. I would encourage you, even implore you to read through it, and to vote for those items which seem important to you. I have heard from credible sources that the Lindens ~do~ listen to JIRA votes, but there has to be a ~lot~ of them for the Lindens to listen. So I have started this campaign with the object of amassing as many votes for these issues as I possibly can for the greater good.


Please understand that the page is ~not~ my personal wish-list of things I'd like to see. In fact, I purposefully removed or avoided putting in some things that I very much do want to see in SL, because I wanted this list to be focused on performance and liveability, instead of "this would be nice." These are features I believe we truly need as we forge ahead in our SecondLives, and I think after reading through them you may very well agree!


I've included a user-friendly summary of each one, so you don't have to go wading through all of the specifics unless you want to. Thank you again! And please, let's make SL a better place!

Work In Progress!

11 May 2009 Posted by:

Hello folks! This is just to let you know that the silence you hear on the site is not dead silence, it's working silence! If you listen really closely, you'll be able to hear the gears in my head turning face-smile.png That's right, I'm working on creationg a brand new product, one that has actually been in the works for a few months now, but is now in its stages of taking true shape. What is this product? A surprise! I will be posting more info as time and development of the product allows!

New Skyroom Anachronism window texture!

07 May 2009 Posted by:

The window texture I was using on the Anachronism Skyroom before was pretty ugly. In light of that, I decided to create a new one. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, I spent a little quality time with my graphics program and created a new texture for the window! I sent this texture out in the Quaint & Curious Contraptions group with mod/copy/no-trans perms for people to use, and of course the image is copyrighted to Q&CC. I've also included the necessary texture settings for the inside and outside window sides, and I recommend setting the outer part of the window to shiny (looks rather nice I think!).


If you have the Anachronism but aren't a member of the group, go ahead and join the group and look in the notice tab for archived messages - you should be able to obtain it that way. Otherwise, you can message me in-world and I'll pass it along to you! Those purchasing the Anachronism after the date of this posting will not need to get the texture, as I've already updated the version currently in my servers and you will get the skyroom with the new window texture!



Skyroom Update Available!

06 May 2009 Posted by:

I'm very pleased to announce that a new Skyroom update is available! This update includes (but is ~not~ limited to!) the new "Rose Galaxy" StarScape, brand new seating, and compatibility with the just-out SkySound ambience system! I will have a vendor for the SkySound system up very shortly, but until then you can purchase it by contacting me directly. To get the update for the skyroom, simply visit the update kiosk in my shop at Wetheral!


My apologies that the update took a couple days longer than expected to push out. I decided that a new seating system was very much needed, and that took a short while to code. But, at long last, many bugs have been squashed and features added, including a small (but significant) addition to the Skyroom scripting API!


Please enjoy this update, and thank you all for your support!

Products on XStreet SL!

24 April 2009 Posted by:

I now sell some of my products on XStreet SL! You can access my online "store" there using This Link. I may not have all of my products available on XStreet for the moment, but as I get more time, I will be adding more to them, till hopefully all I have available in-world is also available there.

The Store is Open!

21 April 2009 Posted by:

At long last, the store is finally open! I know it took me a bit longer than I was expecting, but the important thing is that it actually did get finished! Please, feel free to visit and bring along friends! Just click here to visit the store now! If you need to wait till later, you can find my store by looking in my Picks tab -- search for "Sebastean Steamweaver" in People, or "Quaint & Curious Contraptions" in Places.

First Blog Post

08 April 2009 Posted by:

Hello folks! Welcome to the Q&CC website! If you'd like to be kept up to date on upcoming projects and products, keep an eye on this blog. I'll be posting news here regularly, and also post helpful hints on uses and designs for current products. The site is still currently in development, but hang in there. We'll have this fully and and running with a little elbow grease in no time.